1.The guiding ideology
Advanced enterprise culture construction theory, in order to foster employee social morality, professional ethics and family virtues, enhance their visibility, the degree of civilization, reputation, enhance cohesion, competitiveness, productivity for the purpose, adhere to the people-oriented, full implementation have my characteristics of the company culture construction, carry forward the spirit of enterprise, practice corporate values, enterprise development strategy and staff vision organic unity, harmony operator philosophy and concept of the staff, the staff inner world and the outside environment synchronized improvement, building a harmonious enterprise, to promote my company " three civilizations, "the coordinated development.

2.The annual target

Further tap and promote the spirit of enterprise content, and establish a positive corporate image, enhance their sense of belonging and promote the corporate culture sustained and healthy development.

3. Corporate culture construction should follow and adhere to the principle
1), systemic principles. 2), the principle of effectiveness. 3), people-oriented principle. 4), adhere to the principle of advancing with the times.