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Non-woven fabric bags are new and prominent

A number of areas of the city will be used to packaging products, especially in the transport industry, the use of packaging materials is more and more, now the plastic bags are used in our daily life more products. As a kind of solid bag, non-woven bags is the new product, the packing bag bag is the current popular, three-dimensional form more attractive, with a more refined feeling for some brand packaging products, this is the direction of development of the packaging bags.

At present, non-woven packaging bags have a certain ductility, can form a three-dimensional shape, it is also known as a three-dimensional bag. The non woven bag making machine is actually a kind of packaging and bag making equipment. Packaging products in the current city of great value, whether in the consumer or industry, businesses are meaningful. In the consumer view, three-dimensional packaging bags, vest bags, plastic bags, flat bags and other packaging products, for them there are many convenient, in the packaging, storage, collection and other aspects, plastic packaging bags are the first choice for consumers. For businesses, the plastic packaging products has become a commodity transport and logistics industry the main packaging technology, due to the production of bag machine packing of low cost, convenient packaging, good effect, small volume, convenient transportation and other characteristics, all businesses are optimistic about it.


Full automatic high-speed bag making machine gives urban impetus

High speed machinery is the most important "driving force" in our city at present, and this driving force is mainly manifested in one point, that is, the contribution to the city. And a lot of times...


Based on customer service, the rapid development of bag making machine industry is made

With the expansion of the market, the automatic high-speed bag machine enterprises should no longer consider only a few small things, but from the long-term overall situation of enterprises. The prod...


How to make the automatic high-speed non woven bag making machine work better and more stable and faster

How to make the automatic high-speed non woven bag making machineworkbetter and more stable and faster? Need to pay attention to the following questions: 1.Dischargingmaterial should be kept stable...


What are the existing treatments for spun bond Fabric?

Various add –on treatment can be added to the PP fabric such as: -Flame retardency ( for Airplanes, Hotels designated products..) -Antibacterial (medical use products -Florescent treatment (caution...

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