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Bag making machine develops towards highly mechanized automation
Date: 2018-11-07 View: 99
At present, the competition of the most advanced fully automated bag making machine  equipment in foreign countries is mainly the competition of equipment efficiency, that is, the competition of high-speed and high-efficiency features. The equipment used in flexible packaging bagging machine is a combination of machinery, electricity, light and gas. High mechanization and automation are the important directions of its development. It requires high speed and high efficiency to reduce the cost accounting of target products, high flexibility and flexibility to adapt to the update and change of target products.

At present, the technical parameters of advanced equipment of automatic bag making machine with middle seal at home and abroad are almost the same, while the main difference in domestic equipment is the speed of the whole machine. But there is not much room to improve the efficiency of the equipment by simply increasing the speed of the equipment. The most advanced equipment stays at the speed of 12000P per hour, which becomes the bottleneck of the equipment performance.

Therefore, at present, the focus of research on bag-making machine is not simply to improve the speed of equipment, but to improve the single-row bag-making mode of equipment in order to further provide the working efficiency of equipment, so that the equipment can maintain a higher speed, higher efficiency and full automation of Automatic non woven vest bag making machine, and carry out the industry. Chemical production and popularization and application have become an urgent problem for many domestic enterprises of soft packaging bagging equipment.

PLC man-machine interface computer controlled automatic and digital operating system is used to facilitate the operation of equipment and troubleshooting. By inputting the common faults and solutions of the equipment into the computer in advance, the self-diagnosis and remote diagnosis can be realized and the faults can be eliminated.

Bag-making machine improves the speed of bag-making of middle-sealing composite film to meet the needs of high-speed and high-efficiency operation and energy-saving and consumption-reducing. It promotes the equipment enterprises of bag making machine to continuously improve the structure while improving the level of automation. More attention should be paid to improving the production efficiency of the whole packaging system, so as to further develop the high-speed and make the packaging system more efficient. The system is more economical and reasonable. The bag making machine develops with high efficiency, energy saving and highly mechanized automation.

In daily work, in order to ensure the normal operation of the machine, in peacetime, we must pay attention to the maintenance of Automatic non woven vest bag making machine. This is not a job, but an operation habit of bagging machine operators. It is a way to prolong the service life of the machine and improve the interests of enterprises. Here are some ways to maintain the bag making machine.

First point: the protection of drying performance: Automatic non woven vest bag making machine in the long-term cleaning process of oil stains, to protect the dry state, so as to improve the long-term use of the phenomenon of rust, improve the high-pressure working state of machinery in the stable function of performance.

Second point: Periodic heating work: For the time of working steps, we should strengthen the regular maintenance of bag cutting machine, reduce noise operation, and protect the functional steps with high accuracy and stable current flow efficiency in the effective control of high temperature operation effect.

Third point: regular maintenance of separator: Bag making machine has played a highly efficient role in adjusting equipment during the process of prolonging the use of machinery, improved the sharp step procedure of tape cutting in various plastics, and became a solid state of mechanical grinding technology.