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How do bag making machine manufacturers seize business opportunities
Date: 2018-11-27 View: 99
Nowadays, bag making machines are widely used in the world, with fierce competition and unprecedented changes in shopping malls. Manufacturers, material suppliers and non woven bag making machine manufacturer are affected by changing customer needs, globalization, industrial integration, technological innovation, safety requirements, government regulations and customer demand for price reduction.

The non woven bag making machine suppliers need to ensure that each stage of their production process can achieve the highest output power. At the same time, they also need to ensure that the produced bags meet the customer's standard requirements and all quality standards.

The raw materials, shape, size of bags, and the planning requirements for the products packaged by end users are ever-changing. Food and beverages, pharmaceuticals and fast moving consumer goods are packaged in solid or liquid form.

non woven bag making machine suppliers are facing challenges and Solutions

In order to ensure the proper sealing effect, the material requirement consumes a certain amount of heat. In some traditional bagging machines, the sealing shaft will stop at the sealing position during the sealing period. The speed of the non-sealed part will be adjusted according to the speed of the machine. Intermittent motion results in huge stress in mechanical system and motor, and shortens its service life. On other non-traditional non woven bag making machine suppliers, the temperature of the sealing head is adjusted whenever the speed of the machine changes. At higher speeds, the time required for sealing is shorter, so the temperature rises; at lower speeds, the temperature decreases because the sealing continues for a longer time. When the new speed is set, the delay of the temperature adjustment of the sealing head will have a negative impact on the working time of the machine, resulting in the unsafe sealing quality during the temperature change.

In short, the sealing shaft needs to work at different speeds. In the sealing operation part, the speed of the shaft is determined by the sealing time; in the non-sealing operation part, the speed of the shaft is determined by the working speed of the machine. Selection of high-grade cam equipment to ensure smooth speed switching, together with a significant reduction in the system stress. According to the speed and working time of the machine, the high-grade cam equipment needed for the control of the sealing part (reciprocating motion) is generated, and additional instructions are selected.

Food industry has always attracted people's attention. What affects people's first vision is the packaging of products. Without a good packaging, no matter how good the products are, people will not pay attention to them. Therefore, the fast development of leisure food must be promoted by packaging machinery in order to stabilize the market. In recent years, the packaging of small bags of food has higher requirements, and various food manufacturers have changed packaging equipment in order to have a foothold in the market. Therefore, a series of food packaging machines for small bags have been innovatively developed by the bagging machine manufacturers. The customers of the non woven bag making machine manufacturer have a good response. We have different packaging schemes for different objects of snacks, including granular automatic packaging equipment and vacuum packaging equipment for fresh-keeping.

In the fierce market competition, food manufacturers and non woven bag making machine manufacturer should constantly improve their production plans, enhance their strengths and avoid weaknesses, learn foreign advanced technology, and through research and development and production of new products, bagging machine manufacturers should take a sustainable development path of their own enterprises.