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What is the Non woven zipper bag making machine?
Date: 2018-11-29 View: 99
The non woven zipper bag making machine mainly solves the problem that the cutting device in the existing bag making machine is difficult to cut off the non-woven wiring head, resulting in the non-woven fabric can not be cut off. Characteristic: The cutting device of the product is equipped with a cutting knife, a first cylinder and a second cylinder. The first cylinder of the product is fixed on the frame and located on the side of the cutting knife. The first cylinder rod of the product is connected with the second cylinder. The second cylinder of the product is fixed directly above the cutting knife and the cylinder rod of the second cylinder is connected with the cutting knife. Dynamic coordination. The non-woven bag making machine can cut off the thread head and fabric at the same time, and has high working efficiency and good stability.

With step-by-step fixed length, photoelectric tracking, accurate and stable. Automatic counting can set counting alarm, automatic drilling and other industrial control devices, so that the finished products are firmly sealed and beautiful tangent. High efficiency, is the high-quality environmental protection bag-making equipment you can rest assured of using.

According to machine structure and operation form, it can be divided into single machine and automatic production line. Single machine has the advantages of low price, convenient use and simple maintenance. Multiple assemblies can be made to form a production line.

What are the characteristics of non-woven zipper bag making machine?

Non-woven zipper bag machine, as its name implies, is made of non-woven zipper bags. Compared with ordinary bag machine, it is more complex and high-grade. Their functions are completely different, and each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Non woven zipper bag making machine is to produce non-woven fabric first, and then through non-woven bag making machine into non-woven bag, the main equipment is non-woven printing machine, non-woven bag bonding machine, non-woven sewing machine, non-woven spot welding machine, non-woven zipper bag making machine. Suggestions do not buy alone, you can find a set of overall program output manufacturers. Non-woven bag-making equipment uses special alloy steel to make flower wheel mould, which can develop various complex patterns according to customer's needs; the welding head is wear-resistant and has a long service life, and the pattern is easy to disassemble and assemble, with eccentric adjustment, flexibility and high level of speed.

What problems should we pay attention to in zipper bag production?

Non woven zipper bag making machine often encounters the following four kinds of problems in the process of zipper bag processing:

1. The sealing part between zipper and bag body is uneven.
2. Local delamination occurs at the sealing part of zipper and bag body.
3. The "dead fold" appears at the intersection of the two ends of the zipper and the edge seal of the bag.
4. Local delamination occurs at the intersection of the two ends of the zipper and the edge seal of the bag.

The causes of the problems of the four kinds of Non woven zipper bag making machine are as follows:

1. The thermal shrinkage of zipper is larger than that of composite film.
2. The melting point of the zipper itself is greater than or equal to the melting point of the heat sealing film.
3. The cross-section of the mother and child buttons on the zipper is too large.
4. The design of local heat sealing rod on zipper bag making machine is unreasonable. It is suggested to use ultrasonic heat sealing device.
5. The design of local heat seal head is unreasonable (too small);
6. The output power or pressure of the ultrasonic thermal packaging device is insufficient.
7. Ink layer has insufficient heat resistance.
8. The hardness of silicone rubber pad is not suitable.