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How should non-woven environmental protection bags be maintained?
Date: 2018-12-01 View: 99
In our daily life, a large number of people will have a question when using non-woven environmental protection bags. Can non-woven environmental bags of non woven vest bag making machine be cleaned after use? Even after washing, will there be any negative impact on the bag? In fact, what I want to say is that it is a good performance to have such questions. It proves that the users of this non-woven bag have a strong sense of environmental protection. If anyone says that the bag is dirty and thrown away after use, it can only show that this person's awareness of environmental protection needs to be strengthened. Therefore, it is normal for some people to have such questions. Non-woven environmental protection bags are environmental protection products, and general plastic bags also have certain commonalities. That is, non-woven environmental bags are made of mesh non-woven bags made of plastic particles. The difference is that the life span is different. If used incorrectly, the service life of non-woven environmental protection bags will be greatly reduced. Therefore, in the process of using, even a small non-woven environmental protection bag, but also need to be maintained. Only in this way can its service life be prolonged.

In order to lengthen the service life of non-woven environmental protection bags of non woven vest bag making machine, we provides you with several simple methods of daily maintenance.

1. Avoid shelving in direct sunlight. Pay attention to putting non-woven environmental protection bags in a cool and dry indoor environment.
2. Do not contact any corrosive materials with non-woven environmental protection bags.
3. In the process of using, it should not exceed the standard load-bearing capacity of bags.
4. After use, please fold the bag of non woven vest bag making machine according to the default pattern at the time of production.
5. If it is dirty, try to avoid using detergent in the process of cleaning.
6. If there is dirty dirt that is difficult to wash, use detergent as far as possible without fluorescent detergent.
7. Don't load sharp objects in the process of use.

If we use the process, please follow these methods to restrain ourselves, I believe that no matter which type of non-woven bags of non woven carry bag making machine can extend their service life.

What are the advantages of non-woven bags over plastic bags?

Many consumers have chosen non-woven bags instead of plastic bags. The experts of non-woven bag manufacturers will give you a brief analysis of its advantages compared with plastic bags, hoping that you can know more about this product.

Non-woven bags' function and plastic bag have many similarities. It is much thicker than the back of the plastic bag, so it has better toughness, so it can be reused.

Non-woven bags use can reduce garbage generation very well. At the same time, because the price of non-woven bags is much more practical than plastic bags, it is more easily accepted by consumers as a gift.

Non-woven bags of non woven carry bag making machine also has a much better service life than plastic bags. So consumers use it for a long time, but it also brings good publicity.

Non-woven bags of non woven carry bag making machine have air permeability that plastic bags do not have, so they can be used when many need air permeability.

Compared with plastic bags, non-woven bags are also more upscale, which is one of the reasons for the good publicity effect.