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Bag-making process and matters needing attention of fully automatic bag-making machine
Date: 2018-12-06 View: 99
Fully automatic bag making machine is a fully automatic bag making equipment, from the input of raw materials to the formation of packaging bags, this series of processes are automatically completed, which include the production processes and matters needing attention? Simply grasp it.

Before starting the Automatic non woven vest bag making machine, it is necessary to check whether there is dust and debris around it and remove them; and input the relevant data of bag-making one by one and the number required for each bundle; try to select the edges of patterns with large color difference to adjust the eye sensitivity so as to meet the requirements.

Next, the film coil can be rolled up according to the production requirements, the size of the bag can be adjusted, the heat sealing knife can be installed, and the position of the cutting knife and the heat sealing knife can be adjusted preliminarily. When everything is ready, you can turn on the power supply of the automatic bag making machine. Don't forget to set the temperature of the heat sealing knife according to the process requirements.

Start the main motor of the Automatic non woven vest bag making machine to make it run at low speed, then adjust the side position control, divide the film into the middle position; at the same time, adjust the left and right rollers of the full-automatic bag making machine to align the left and right membranes, adjust the front and back rollers to align the patterns.

In the production process, if abnormal bag-making situation of automatic bag-making machine is found, it is necessary to adjust it immediately. The quality inspector is required to carry out the inspection. After passing the inspection, the certificate is affixed and sent to the quality inspection room for spot inspection. The produced bags are sorted out, and the bags with quality defects are removed and bound in accordance with the regulations.

After the whole bag-making work is completed, it is necessary to disconnect the main power switch of the Automatic non woven vest bag making machine and the power switch of each part. The staff should do a good job of the relevant foundation, and clean up the automatic bag making machine, so as to keep it in a clean and good state.

The difference between automatic vest bag making machine and semi-automatic vest bag making machine is as follows:

1. Price: Fully automatic non woven vest bag making machine is definitely twice higher than semi-automatic price.
2. Productivity: The capacity of fully automatic vest bag making machine is twice as much as that of semi-automatic vest bag making machine.
3. Speed: The speed of fully non woven vest bag making machine is very fast, and the speed of fully automatic bag making machine is twice or more than semi-automatic.
4. Configuration: Since the two machines are totally different, the configuration is also different. The configuration of computers and machines are totally different. Full-automatic is professional full-automatic configuration. Semi-automatic is professional semi-automatic configuration, mainly depending on the needs of customers.
5. The most important thing is that the full-automatic is specially made for the manufacturers of vest bags. It can only be made of vest bags. Other bags can't be made. But the vest bags he made are complete bags. Only this machine can complete the bags. It doesn't need other machines to complete the bags step by step. But semi-automatic is not the same. Semi-automatic is made without automatic punching. In addition, it requires an additional hydraulic punch to complete the vest bag. But semi-automatic also has a benefit. Semi-automatic machine can make another kind of bag. It can also make flat pockets. This is the automatic vest bag mechanism. The difference between bag machine and semi-automatic vest bag machine. Each of them has its own functions, which are very useful, just to see the needs of customers.

Therefore, if you specialize in making vest bags, you are advised to choose a fully automatic vest bag making machine, which is not only fast, high output, but also all processes completed at one time, convenient and simple. Others are made of flat pockets and industrial bags in addition to vest bags. You can choose a semi-automatic non woven vest bag making machine and add a hydraulic press to make both flat pockets and vest bags. The price is affordable and the price is more than the price.