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Current Situation of Bag Making Machine Development in China
Date: 2018-12-29 View: 99
As an important member of packaging machinery industry, bag making machine develops rapidly in China. In recent years, besides the rising demand of video industry, the demand for automation in the industry is also rising. At present, there is a huge space for development in China. Now we will analyze the present situation of Chinese non woven bag making machine from two aspects: the characteristics of competition and bottlenecks.

Bottleneck and key points of PCB board modification of bag making machine: However, at present, the technical parameters of advanced equipment of automatic bagging machine with middle seal at home and abroad are almost the same, while the main difference of domestic equipment is in the speed of the whole machine. But there is not much room to improve the efficiency of the equipment by simply increasing the speed of the equipment. The most advanced equipment stays at the speed of 12000P per hour, which becomes the bottleneck of the equipment performance.

Characteristic of non woven bag making machine Competition and Direction of Plate Checking: Looking at the competition of the most advanced fully automated bag machine equipment at home and abroad, the most important is the competition of equipment efficiency, that is, the competition of high-speed and high-efficiency characteristics. The equipment used in flexible packaging bagging machine is a combination of machinery, electricity, light and gas. High mechanization and automation are the important directions of its development. It requires high speed and high efficiency to reduce the cost accounting of target products, high flexibility and flexibility to adapt to the update and change of target products. Therefore, when choosing the target of sheet reading, the equipment of soft packaging bagging machine should take high speed and high efficiency as reference, and on this basis carry out PCB rebuilding, software and hardware secondary development and upgrading, so as to improve the competitiveness of the equipment.

Therefore, at present, the focus of the research on PCB alteration of plastic bag making machine is not only to improve the rotational speed of equipment, but also to further provide the working efficiency of equipment by reforming the single-row bag making mode of equipment, so that the equipment can maintain a higher speed, higher efficiency and full automation of high-speed automatic bag making machine equipment, and carry out industrialized production and application.

Challenges and Solutions of Bag Making Machine

In order to ensure proper sealing effect, the material needs to consume a specific amount of heat. In some traditional bagging machines, the sealing shaft will stop at the sealing position during the sealing period. The speed of the non-sealed part will be adjusted according to the speed of the non woven bag making machine.

Intermittent motion results in huge stress in mechanical system and motor, and shortens its service life. On other non-traditional bagging machines, the temperature of the sealing head is adjusted whenever the speed of the machine changes. At higher speeds, the sealing time is shorter, so the temperature rises; at lower speeds, the temperature decreases because the sealing lasts longer. When the new speed is set, the delay of temperature adjustment of the sealing head will have a negative impact on the running time of the machine, resulting in the unsafe sealing quality during the temperature change.

In short, the sealing shaft needs to operate at different speeds. In the sealed part, the speed of the shaft is determined by the sealing time; in the non-sealed part, the speed of the shaft is determined by the speed of the machine. Advanced cam configuration is used to ensure smooth speed switching while significantly reducing stress on the system.