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What is a medium sealing bag-making machine
Date: 2019-01-03 View: 99
Medium sealing bag making machine is mainly used to produce cement woven bags, chemical raw materials, fertilizers, grain and other medium sealing bags. The unit is composed of 8 types of machine tools, with PP (PE) plastic woven film cloth or three-in-one paper-plastic woven cloth and paper bag paper as the base material, which can be continuously completed in one process through delivery, printing, lining, viscose (punching), cylinder forming, edge sticking, bag cutting, conveying, paper folding and counting; it can produce folding, non-folding, flat or self-sealing compound bags, paper-plastic combination bags and paper-plastic combination bags. Plastic woven cylindrical bags.

Understand the setting requirements of middle sealing bag making machine in bagging process

Medium sealing bag making machine is suitable for hot cutting of plastic fibers and chemical fibers. The machine cuts knives by electric heating. After hot cutting, the incision will be automatically sealed and no rough edges. At the same time, it has the characteristics of high automation, high speed, low energy consumption and low cost.

In the process of using the bag making machine, ionic resin can be selected because of the good anti-pollution heat-sealing film, because it has good anti-pollution heat-sealing property and will not deteriorate the product after being used for packaging.

Sometimes brittle or brittle fracture occurs in the products of bag making machine. The main reasons are that the heat seal is too high and too large; the heat seal time is too long; the edge of the upper part is too sharp; the silicon at the bottom is relatively hard; in the process of ripening, part of the film penetrates into the film, etc. The toughness of the substrates decreases and the brittleness of the substrates increases due to the influence of penetration.

In order to solve this problem, the suitable processing and heat sealing time should be selected according to the different materials of the inner sealing layer, and the plane state of the upper heat sealing knife should be improved so as to make the surface smooth, and the silicon cushion suitable for hardness should be selected to improve the quality of bag making.

Fully automatic multi-functional non woven bag making machine

Fully automatic multi-functional non-woven bag making machine uses: suitable for non-woven fabrics, can produce vest bags, jacket bags, handbags and other different shapes of non-woven bags.

Features of fully automatic multi-functional non woven bag making machine: micro-computer control, stepping motor feeding, photoelectric tracking, automatic deviation rectification, dual-material magnetic powder brake, automatic material shutdown, host frequency conversion speed regulation, automatic counting alarm, ultrasonic flanging, ultrasonic flanging and other industrial control devices, so as to make the finished products firmly sealed and beautiful tangent. High efficiency, is the high-quality environmental protection bag-making equipment you can rest assured of using. (Non-woven materials can be degraded in sunlight for 3-4 months)

Ultrasound Bonding Operation Technology of non woven bag making machine

Ultrasound technology has been used to process mattresses and bedspreads in textile industry since its inception. Fully automatic non-woven bag-making machine is compared with traditional needle-like sewing machine. Now it has been widely used in non-woven industry.

Ultrasound bonding is used to avoid needle and thread changing. There is no breaking joint with radical suture. It can also make neat local shearing and sealing for non-woven fabrics. The working speed is fast, the sealing edge is not cracked, the fabric edge is not damaged, and there is no burr and curling phenomenon. At the same time, ultrasonic bonding can effectively prevent the degradation of fibers caused by thermal bonding, the influence of the layer of adhesive on the porosity of materials, and the delamination caused by the impact of liquid.