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Adjustment of Bag Making Machine
Date: 2019-01-08 View: 99
Bag-making machine, as its name implies, is a machine for making all kinds of plastic bags or other material bags. Its processing range is plastic or other material bags of different sizes, thickness and specifications. Generally speaking, plastic bags are the main products. In the bagging process, reasonable adjustment of the machine is particularly important for production.

First of all, we should see clearly the specifications, types of products (such as edge seals, middle seals, etc.), notch location, hot seam location, hot seam specifications and other requirements.

Secondly, the parts should be replaced according to the type of product. If the bag is sealed, the iron plate should be replaced according to the width of the product (the width of the iron plate is 2 to 3 centimeters less than the width of the product generally). The hot-closing die should be replaced according to the specifications of the hot-closing wire. Feeding, beating and heating should be adjusted according to the thickness of the material and melting point.

At the same time, according to the specifications of the bag, the cutting position of the product should be adjusted to the position of the cutter first, and then the position of the hot-closing die should be adjusted according to the position of the hot-closing line of the product. According to the brightness of the product pattern color, the sensitivity of the eyes before and after adjustment and the position of the eyes are adjusted.

The bag making machine in the process of making bags should often watch whether the product's heating temperature is moderate (temperature is too hot bags wrinkle, too low temperature bags ironing is not firm). Also check the product specifications, hot-closing position, hot-closing line specifications, cutting position to meet the requirements.

It is necessary to choose a bag making machine with reliable quality. Only with excellent equipment can qualified products be produced quickly and well.

Choosing high-speed bag making machine mainly pays attention to four aspects!

With the rapid development of commercial economy, the demand for plastic bags is increasing. Almost all commodity transactions need to use plastic bags, which gives birth to the strong demand for bagging machines in the bagging machine industry. Bag-making machinery to you on how to choose a bag machine to make a detailed analysis of this issue, for all the friends who need to purchase high-speed bag machine, you can have a better reference program. Four aspects should be paid attention to when choosing high-speed bag-making machine.

First of all, we should make clear the types of bag-making machines. At present, there are mainly plastic bag-making machines, non-woven bag-making machines, pearl cotton bag-making machines, EPE bag-making machines, chain-clamping bag-making machines, multi-functional film-blowing bag-making and printing machines on the market. We need to know which kind we are making, and then how to solve the raw material problems, so that we can avoid many future problems. Problems encountered in running a factory.

Secondly, before visiting the factory, we should decide what type of bagging machine we need. You can find the relevant manufacturers of bagging machines through the internet. You can search in the way of area + type + bagging machine. Of course, if you want to know about the bagging machine of our plastic machinery, it must be a wise choice. Find out the manufacturers of various bagging machines, then compare and analyze them, or communicate with the service staff of the manufacturers in detail. This step is through comparative analysis to lock in what you think is a good non woven bag making machine manufacturer.

Third, choose and buy high-speed non woven bag making machine, mainly depending on the machine's functional configuration and materials. When looking at machinery in a bag-making machine factory, first of all, we should see what functional configuration of the bag-making machine is suitable for our own needs and understand the working principle of the bag-making machine; secondly, we should look at the electrical components of the bag-making machine and the quality of the working machinery components. If the bag-making machine is equipped with high-quality electrical components, then the machine can generally be used for several years or even longer. One is to see the bag machine frame structure, the use of thick and durable good steel, paint is good (anti-rust).

Fourth, look at the after-sales service of the manufacturer. A high-quality bag machine manufacturer, their after-sales service must be in place. High-quality after-sales service has signed a formal purchase contract to protect the interests of customers, including quality assurance commitment of non woven bag making machine, on-site technical training and guidance from manufacturers, on-site installation and commissioning for customers, technical support after customers formally put into production, and put forward solutions. A high-quality after-sales service can solve many practical production problems for customer service and maximize the protection of consumers'rights and interests.