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How does bagging machine adapt to the diversified needs of the market?
Date: 2019-01-10 View: 99
The bag making machine and plastic film blower industry is moving towards the goal of energy saving and emission reduction.

With the concept of green energy-saving becoming more and more popular, many high-consumption, inefficient and other mechanical products on the market are gradually eliminated. The plastic film blower industry is keeping pace with the times, ultra-energy-saving and emission reduction, plastic film blower machinery manufacturing industry application of high-tech, the production of new film blower adapted to the diversified needs of the market.

In order to meet the needs of social products and environmental protection, plastic film blower will constantly introduce advanced technology, adjust the industrial model, and promote the plastic industry to high-end. The new film blowing machines produced by the machinery manufacturing industry of film blowing machine include sheet blown film machine, PE foam film blowing machine, multi-layer composite film blowing machine, color bar film blowing machine, heat shrinkable film blowing machine, etc., to satisfy the packaging of various products in the market, and the quality of high-end blown film has won the favor of high-grade commodity packaging.

With the development of the new material industry supported by the state, the implementation of the policy of encouraging sustainable development and the stringent policy of environmental protection are required. Nowadays, plastics are almost everywhere in people's lives. They are no longer simple bottles, films, tires and so on, but more penetrated into high-end products and become irreplaceable materials. Therefore, it also brings a great space for the development of plastic film blower.

How to Make the Full-automatic High-speed non woven bag making machine Work Better, More Stable and Faster

How to make the automatic high-speed bag making machine work better, more stable and faster? Attention should be paid to the following issues:

1. Dropping and towing should be kept stable.
When discharging, the height of the swing roll should not be too high or too low. When towing, the tightness should be appropriate. If improper, it will cause material radial jitter in the process of operation, eventually lead to errors in bag length, and also cause bag length stretching. In this case, it is necessary to clean the K-frame of non woven bag making machine and adjust the air pressure before and after discharging and pressing rolls.

2. Temperature setting should be appropriate
If the temperature is too high, the bags from non woven bag making machine will be wrinkled, resulting in inaccurate photoelectric tracking and different lengths of bags produced. In order to avoid tracking failure, the photoelectric sensitivity can be increased first, and then decreased after the temperature is stabilized. The materials used to produce the products are different, and the suitable temperature is also different.

3. Keep the product in the middle of the roller
Adjust the balance of the clearance between the left and right of the press roll to keep the balance between the left and right sides of the press roll so as to avoid the unstable swing of the dragging material.

4. Material must pass through at the same level.
The smoothness of the bag is affected by whether the pressure of the scald is balanced and whether the material is on the same level.
In addition to the above problems, in order to run smoothly and rapidly, the computer parameters need to be set, so as to ensure the high-speed and stable long-term operation of the full-automatic high-speed bag making machine.