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Development History and Present Situation of Bag Making Machines in China
Date: 2019-01-12 View: 99
In recent years, although the annual growth rate of China's packaging industry ranks in the traditional industry, in order to be in line with the international market, we must speed up the development of packaging science and technology and make it develop in the direction of economy, efficiency and multi-function. As an important member of packaging machinery industry, bag making machine develops rapidly in China. In recent years, besides the rising demand of video industry, the demand for automation in the industry is also rising. At present, there is a huge space for development in China.

I. Development History and Present Situation of Bag Making Machines in China
It is understood that China's bag making machine has a history of only 20 years since it was developed and applied. It is based on the introduction of Japanese equipment, digested and absorbed by PCB board reading. From the initial stage, it can only produce 400 mm wide bagging machine equipment with a speed of only 20 meters per minute, to the present, it can produce bagging machines with a speed of 150 meters per minute, a width of less than 1000 mm and various kinds of bagging machines with 100 segments per minute. Above full-automatic bagging machine provides a lot of equipment for the development of domestic soft packaging industry. However, in recent years, with the growth of demand, China still needs to import a large number of imported bagging machines from Japan and other places. This also means that there is a big gap between our bagging machine and foreign advanced countries.

2. Characteristics of the competition of bag making machine and the direction of plate chip
Throughout the competition of advanced fully automated bag making machines at home and abroad, the main competition is the efficiency of equipment, that is, the competition of high-speed and effective features. The equipment used in flexible packaging bagging machine is a combination of machinery, electricity, light and gas. High mechanization and automation are the important directions of its development. It requires high speed and efficiency to reduce the cost accounting of target products, high flexibility and flexibility to adapt to the update and change of target products. Therefore, when choosing the target of sheet reading, the equipment of soft packaging bag making machine should take high-speed and effective as reference, and on this basis carry out PCB rebuilding, software and hardware secondary development and upgrading, so as to improve the competitiveness of the equipment.

3. Bottlenecks and Key Points of PCB Modification of Bag Making Machine
However, at present, the technical parameters of advanced equipment of automatic bag making machine with middle seal at home and abroad are almost the same, while the main difference in domestic equipment is the speed of the whole machine. However, there is not much room to improve the efficiency of the equipment by simply increasing the speed of the equipment. Advanced equipment stays at the speed of 12000P per hour, which becomes the bottleneck of the equipment performance.

Therefore, at present, the main point of the research on PCB board modification of bagging machine is not only to improve the rotational speed of the equipment, but also to improve the single-row bagging mode of the equipment in order to further provide the working efficiency of the equipment, so that the equipment can maintain a higher speed, more effective and automated level of high-speed automatic bag-making machine with middle seal, and carry out industrialized production and popularization and application.

Structural Advantage of Non-woven Bag Making Machine
With the use of non-woven materials, the products produced by non-woven materials bring people a lot of benefits in daily life, add a lot of color to people's lives, and improve people's living environment. Non-woven bags not only have the characteristics of long service life and many times of use, but also are not easy to damage in use. Compared with plastic bags, the use time of non-woven bags is longer. Durable and durable, therefore, the number of non-woven bags used in people's lives is also increasing. Non-woven bags machine is mainly used to process and produce non-woven bags. It is easy to use and operate, and brings more convenience to people. Its main structural advantages are as follows:
1. The non woven bag making machine mainly uses ultrasonic wave and special steel wheel to process, the sealing edge does not crack, does not damage the fabric edge, and is easy to use.
2. The non woven bag making machine does not need to be preheated when making non-woven fabric, and it can also be operated continuously.
3. The non woven bag making machine has low cost and high efficiency, which is about 5 to 6 times faster than traditional machines and saves a lot of time.