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How to choose an ideal non-woven bag?
Date: 2019-01-17 View: 99
How can we choose a non-woven environmental protection bag suitable for our enterprise for promotion and advertising? Usually, choosing an ideal non-woven bag should be considered from the following three points:

1. Advertising effect factors
The service life, design layout, process details and quality of a non-woven environmental protection bag from non woven bag making machine directly affect users'views on advertising investment company and brand image. This kind of advertising non-woven environmental protection bag is a high-quality mobile billboard.

2. Enterprise Cost Factor
Non-woven environmental protection bags from non woven bag making machine because of materials, printing, turning and other reasons, the quality is also high, medium and low-grade, there are laminating materials, embossing materials, laser coating, hot printing, silk printing, and many other processes, so the price is also high, medium and low.

3. Matching factors of products
The style, fabrics and colors of non-woven environmental protection bags are becoming more and more abundant as the market demands, and more and more choices are made. How to choose the style, color and technology suitable for your products is very important. Cartoon bags can not be used to pack mature products, bright colors can not be used to pack serious finished products, chemical products can not pack food and other considerations.

How to choose environmental bags more skillfully?
Recently, when people are shopping, they will find that many shopping malls have responded to the "plastic restriction order". Some counters even put out the "shopping gift bags" gimmick to attract consumers. Many supermarkets have declared that the free distribution of shopping bags is environmentally friendly. With the growing awareness of environmental protection, the trend of replacing plastic bags with environmental protection bags from non woven fabric bag making machine is irresistible. But industry insiders said that because of the high cost of environmental protection bags and the lack of rigid government regulations, there are not many real environmental protection bags on the market.

Experts pointed out that many non-toxic non-environmental bags are still plastic. Because plastic itself will release harmful gases, the concentration of harmful gases will increase with the increase of sealing time when food accumulates in sealed bags for a long time, which will cause food in bags to be polluted to varying degrees, especially for children's health and development. However, the non-environmental protection bags with special dark colors used in general small stalls are more harmful. These non-environmental bags are usually processed from recycled waste plastic products, which do great harm to human health and can not be used to pack directly imported food.

How to Choose Environmental Bags

1. Lightweight folding
Environmental protection bags from non woven bag making machine are generally made of non-woven fabrics, nylon and other materials, which can absorb the advantages of plastic bags, and at the same time more solid, ensure recycling.

2. Waterproof and easy to wash
Waterproof, easy to clean, so that nylon and other materials made of environmental protection bags, by the public's praise.

3. Fashion should be beautiful
Young people are more concerned about the fashionable appearance of environmental protection bags from non woven fabric bag making machine. Therefore, many fashionable people have DIY environmental protection bags, highlighting personality requirements.

4. Replace old bags with new ones
In order to maximize the role of environmental protection bags from non woven fabric bag making machine, we can learn from foreign countries to promote the replacement of old bags for new bags, and urge people to consciously use environmental protection bags.