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The brief introduction to a variety of bag making machines
Date: 2019-01-19 View: 99
Introduction to the use of garment bags produced by bag making machine
Garment bag making machine refers to the equipment that makes the OPP film, or the PE, PP, CPP film into the entrance with a bag which is not suitable for adhesive film and is sealed on both sides.
Garment bags are generally used to pack summer clothes such as shirts, skirts, pants, soles, towels, bread and accessories. Usually this bag has adhesive on it, and can be sealed directly after loading. This kind of bag is very popular and widely used in the domestic market. Because of its good transparency, it is also an ideal choice for gift wrapping. This kind of bag is the garment processing factory, the cloth wholesale market, the commodity wholesale market, the food industry demand and large, only in summer generally a small-scale garment factory demand at least 800,000. If there is a pattern printed on the bag, its transparency and the clarity of the pattern is incomparable with other plastic bags, which for enterprises to promote the brand has done a strong publicity.

How to add stabilizer to bag making machine in the production process of?
In order to prevent the synthetic resin from being decomposed and destroyed by light and heat in the process of processing and using, and prolong its service life, stabilizers should be added to the plastics. Commonly used stearate, epoxy resin and so on.

Application of automatic food bag making machine
Fully automatic food paper bag making machine is an ideal equipment for producing environmental protection paper bags, such as shopping bags, clothing bags, leisure food bags, bread bags, vomiting bags, dry fruit bags, etc.

Principle and characteristics of non woven bag making machine
Non woven bag making machine is a kind of hopper which feeds powder (colloid or liquid) to the top of the packing machine. The speed of introduction is controlled by the photoelectric positioning device. The coiled sealing paper (or other packing material) is introduced to the lapel shaper by the guide roller. After being folded, the material is lapped into a cylinder by the longitudinal sealing device and the material is self-contained. After dynamic measurement, the bag is filled into the bag, and the transverse sealing device draws the bag barrel down intermittently while cutting the heat seal. Finally, a flat bag with three seams of overlapping longitudinal seams is formed to seal a bag.

What is special about the special-shaped bag making machine?
The special-shaped bag market is a rarely known but interesting segment market in the bag making machine market.
Special-shaped bag market: Among the heterosexual bags, the most popular is the tapered bag, used for packaging flowers and potted plants. The tapered bag protects the flowers and enhances the attractiveness of the products through the fine printing and decoration on the bags, making it easier to transport flowers and plants. These products are usually sold in large supermarkets. Flowers and potted plants are usually packaged automatically, so bags with folded edges and hanging holes need to be placed neatly.
The biggest difference between special-shaped bags and ordinary bags is the difference between non woven bag making machine. The special-shaped bag-making machine is different from the conventional bag-making machine in three aspects: first, the thermal head is completely different; second, the stacking system must match the shape of the bag; finally, most shapes will produce irregular waste, which must be separated from the bag on the production line.