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bag making machine
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bag making machine processes the plastic film by the processing device to manufacture a plastic bag, and the bag making machine processes the plastic film exactly without damaging the processing device, and does not reduce the processing speed as much as possible without increasing the time required. According to the invention, the drive mechanism is coupled to the processing device and the drive mechanism is driven by the drive mechanism. Further, the control device is connected to the drive mechanism, and after the drive mechanism is accelerated (α1), the drive mechanism is temporarily decelerated (β1), and the processing device is 
driven at a low speed (V2) when the plastic film processing starts at the beginning of the bag making machine Further, during the processing, the drive mechanism is accelerated again (α2), and the processing device is driven at a high speed (V3). The heat sealing plate of the bag making machine utilizes the method of increasing the number of escape holes on the hot cover and the occupied area so that 
there is no heat sealing area on the hot cover that is connected to a large area, so the heat sealing area can be obtained without changing the heat sealing pressure. The large pressure is such that when a thicker material is used, the local temperature abnormality is not caused by the excessive area of ​​the heat-sealed area, so 
the bonding strength of the sealing area on the self-standing bag is good. In addition, since the heat seal area on the hot cover is relatively small, the heat can be replenished to the area in time, and the temperature of the heat seal plate is kept stable, so that the heat seal time can be shortened, so that the production efficiency is high 
The man-machine interface adopts a touch screen, which is convenient for the operator to set parameters and understand the operation status of the whole device, and is responsible for man-machine dialogue and communication. The interface can be set with fixed length sealing and cutting or color cutting, length of cutting bag, length of color chasing, number of warnings, bag 
speed, acceleration time and deceleration time. When selecting fixed length sealing and cutting, the color chasing sensor has no effect. As the carrier of the core program, PLC is responsible for the transmission of pulse signals and the conversion and circulation of various control signals, and finally controls the operation and 
coordination of various actuators The PLC program calculates that the servo driver receives a certain number of pulses according to the mechanical transmission ratio of the servo mechanism, the electronic gear ratio of the servo driver, the number of lines of the servo motor transcoder, and the circumference of the discharge roller, and the servo motor drives the discharge roller. 
Rotate the plastic bag with a certain length to achieve fixed length control. Color mark, temperature control, in-position signal, as a sensing element, responsible for the judgment of time and the issuance of control signals, so as to establish a logical relationship between the actuators

Automatic computer bag making machine three-side sealing bag machine features: 
  1, the whole machine uses imported PLC, man-machine interface centralized control. Stable performance, easy to operate and maintain. The operation interface can be switched between English and English. 
  2. All the parameters are displayed by the man-machine interface of the bean sprouts pig blood soup. The bag making speed, bag length, temperature, counting, finished product delivery, etc. can be preset. 
  3, LPC automatic correction, dual photoelectric tracking and discharging, automatic constant tension control AC frequency conversion constant speed automatic feeding. 
  4, automatic computer bag making machine imported double servo drag control. 
  5. Upper and lower sealed AC variable frequency motor drive. 
  6. The temperature is adjusted by PID, adjustable from 0 to 300 °C, no contact automatic control, and the man-machine interface is set centrally. 
  7. The temperature is controlled centrally by the computer. 
  8. Pneumatic multi-function automatic punching, automatic removal of edge material removal, with static elimination device. 
  9. Working mode: fixed length bag making, photoelectric tracking bag making 
  , punching mode: can be set continuously, interval, stop, stamping time can be preset 
  11, double delivery mode: one to six times to send. 
  12. Batch function: The workbench has a batch function, and the batch quantity can be preset. 
  The characteristics of the 
bag machine controller : the automatic speed adjustment function of the bag machine controller - smooth drawing, avoiding the speed of overspeed 
   drawing, the film material is easy to stretch and deform, at constant speed, if It is ideal to adjust the pull speed to as low as possible without overspeed. Automated features are designed to achieve this goal.