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automatic non woven bag making machine
Date: 2019-03-08 View: 99

1 Automatic non woven bag making  machine machine is suitable raw materials for the nonwoven fabric, various specifications can be processed, non-woven bags of different shapes, pocket, hand-held pocket, vest bag, drawstring bags, the machine is a mechanical and electrical body, the use of LCD touchscreen operating. With step-by-step fixed length.Photoelectric tracking, computer automatic positioning, computer automatic edge correction, accurate, stable, automatic counting, you can set the counting alarm, automatic punching, automatic hot handles and other industrial control devices, so that the finished product sealing line is firm, and the tangent is beautiful. High-speed effect, is a high-quality environmentally-friendly bag making equipment that you can use with confidence.


2 Automatic non woven bag making  machine process flow: reel --- folding --- wearing rope --- hot table --- folding --- hot pressing --- inserting ---positioning --- punching --- hot table --- Cut off --- collect the finished product.