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non woven bag making machine
Date: 2019-03-13 View: 99
Principle and Characteristics of Non woven Bag Making Machine
The non-woven bag making machine is a hopper which feeds powder (colloid or liquid) to the top of the packing machine in real time. The speed of introduction is controlled by photoelectric positioning device. The rolled sealing paper (or other packing material) is driven by the guide roll and introduced into the lapel shaper. After being bended, it is lapped by the longitudinal sealing device to form a cylinder. The material is automatically measured and filled into the bag, and the horizontal sealing device is used in the lapel shaper. At the same time, the bag cylinder is pulled down intermittently to form a flat bag with three overlapping longitudinal seams to seal one bag.
Non-woven bags can be classified into:
1. Advertising bag
Shopping bag advertisements can use the limited area of the bag body to disseminate market information of enterprises or products and services to the world. When customers carry shopping bags printed with store advertisements and walk through streets and alleys, they are actually some exquisite advertising bags, no less than making a good advertising sign, but the cost is relatively low.
2. Knowledge-based advertising bags
It is to print all kinds of patterns and characters with certain knowledge, such as world famous paintings and Chinese calligraphy, on shopping bags. This kind of shopping bags not only provide convenience for consumers to carry goods, but also cultivate people's sentiment and make people have wonderful psychological feelings.
3. Gift Advertising Bags
Our country is a country of etiquette. People always take gifts to "walk and walk" on festivals and birthday celebrations in order to communicate feelings and set off atmosphere. When guests carry the gifts in shopping bags with the words "Wish you a long life" and "Wish you a happy gentleman", the host feels not only a gift, but also a kind of interest in his mind.
4. Commemorative advertising bags
Such as an art festival commemoration, tourist souvenir bags, etc. This strategy caters to people's psychology of commemoration and honor, so that people still have a new feeling after shopping.
5. Antique Advertising Bags
Many well-known traditional commodities are popular with consumers because of their sophisticated materials, sophisticated production and long history. If there are simple and elegant patterns and words on the shopping bags, which give people a feeling of * and solemnity, it will certainly arouse the shopping interest of some consumers.
6. Time-Trending Advertising Bags
Nowadays, people generally pursue a high standard of life style, and fashionable commodities lead the consumption trend for a while. When there is something "hot" in society, if stores print commodity patterns and propaganda information on beautiful shopping bags, it is undoubtedly an important way to promote sales. When consumers see a hot commodity on sale in a store, there is an "irresistible temptation".
7. Antique Advertising Bags
When customers buy a variety of things and need simple shopping bags, if the shop can provide a solution to people's worries, it will be welcomed by consumers. Give people convenience, itself is an important knack of promotion.