ZW-GB700-2 Two Lines Garbage Bag Rolls-Connecting Bag Making Machine

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Basic Information

Product name Two Lines Garbage Bag Rolls-Connecting Bag Making Machine
Product Category Plastic Bag Making Machine Series
Product number ZW-GB700-2
Product description The machine uses unintentional rolling, automatic roll changing, random synchronization fold Shuangjiao feed roller synchronous feeding, burn marks do not strain; Panasonic servo motor, inverter, microcomputer control points off the bag, inadvertently winding Siemens PLC control , the entire high-speed precision equipment, and can be processed simultaneously dual channel tube material, energy efficient.
Performance and Characteristics 1.The machine adopts coreless unwind. Automatic roller changer; synchronous folding & feeding
2. double roller synchronous feeding not strain.
3. Controlled by Panasonic motor inverter, transducer and microcomputer coreless unwind adopts Siemens PLC to control,
4. high-speed and precise, it can both produce two lines film at one time. High efficiency.
5.The production roll garbage bags without hard (paper) core.
6.our machine is touch-sensitive screen man-machine interface.

Basic Technical Parameter

Sealing & Cutting Heat-Sealing Cold-Cutting
Control mode Computerized
Production Speed 70-140pcs /*2, 600m/min
Bag length 200-1200mm
After folding bag width 100-250mm
Loading film width 200-450mm
Installation dimension 5000*2200*1600mm
Film thickness 0.008-0.02mm
Servo motor 1.0kw
Specification CE, ISO9001
Main part 1.1kw(bag making machine)
Rewinder changer 0.75kw*2
Power 3 phase 220V /380V 50Hz
(three phase four wire system)
Total Power 6kw
Barometric pressure 3~6/kg/cm2

Machine Configuration

Configuration Type Quantity(piece)
Transducer Panasonic 0.75KW 1
Transducer Panasonic 1.5KW 2
Computer controller XC-2006B〈small〉 1
Driver Panasonic servo1.5KW 1
Temperature controller YuDian 2008G〈small〉 3
Correction controller GK-62 2
Static electricity eliminator 683Type 1
Triple-phase asynchronous motor 0.75KW-4〈Y80M2-4〉 2
DC motor 600W 2
Donlim servo motor 1.5KW 1
Brake disc D2D5-80 1
Pressure switch KSNS-C110XC1/4 1
Correction motor 90TDY4-2 2
Magnetic powder 2.5KG 2
PLC motor FPOR-C40T 1
Module of PC motor E8YT 1
Main pneumatic component: AirTAC, SMC, etc. all are excellent quality, gas circuit can be controlled in the first touch, low-voltage components: all are UC Certified products.
Main appliance are adopt with Panasonic, Schneider, FOTEK, etc.

Spare parts included in machine

Grease gun 1piece
Feeding roller tension spring 20pieces
Open spanner 22-24 1piece
Open spanner 27-32 2pieces
(diameter 20)Photocell 2pieces
Tool kit 1piece
Machine instruction book 1piece

Sample Bag