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Basic Information

Product name Automatic dual-channel off point even roll bag making machine
Product Category Plastic Bag Making Machine Series
Product number ZW-AL600
Product description This machine is suitable raw materials, LDPE, HDPE, roll film is widely used in supermarket bags on roll, even the volume of plastic wrap based devices. Using high-end control system, man-machine interface. Equipment to do barrel roll film 600mm by hot rolling equipment together with the point broken into pieces, can be divided into two to make a two-volume roll bag, seal point broken beautiful line firm of 300mm. Improve the blowing efficiency and reduce production costs. Is the most advanced on the market today have a core even roll off point type bag making machine.
Performance and Characteristics

1, automatic feeding, magnetic brakes, automatic correction, automatic thermostat, printing precision photoelectric tracking. Label is lost without stopping the automatic shutdown also wrap roll, no material stop device.

2, the machine uses high-precision control operation of the system, can do any different sizes of bags on roll, hot rolling is not required to change the knife roller and roll-off point. Improve work efficiency, reduce production costs, the control system is currently Asia's leading domestic initiative.

3, the machine maximum production speed of 110 meters per minute, fast, high efficiency, good quality.

4, the front part of the material can wrap tube, improve production efficiency.

Basic Information

Type Of Feedstock LLDPE / HDPE
Bag Length 200-800mm
Maximum bag width (dual channel) 200-305*2mm
Maximum bag width (single-channel) 200-600mm
Production speed 110pcs/min
Material thickness 0.006-0.02mm
Power 8kw
Dimensions 4500*2200*1880mm
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