ZW-B850 Heat Sealing&Cold Cutting Bag Making Machine

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Basic Information

Product name Heat Sealing&Cold Cutting Bag Making Machine(two layers four Lines)
Product Category Plastic Bag Making Machine Series
Product number ZW-B850
Product description ZW-B850 double four automatic bag machine is my factory flagship product, with good product quality, high yield, low energy consumption, automatic control and protection devices are available, stable performance, long life, low noise, easy operation and maintenance and pollution-free characteristics of various plastic film bags with color or without color can continuously and automatically sealed into a bag with low shear.
Performance and Characteristics 1. It is used for producing all kind of plastic bags.
2. The whole machine adopts microcomputer control and material-pulling by stepping (servo motor control system available for option).
3. Arbitrary fixed-length, accurate and stable step photoelectric tracking. Stopping automatically when the color mark is lost, photoelectric control feeding.
4. Automatic counting and settable counting alarm .Automatic constant temperature makes the sealing of bag opening firm and smooth.
5. Whole machine is touch-sensitive screen man-machine interface.

Basic Technical Parameter

Sealing & Cutting Heat-Sealing Cold-Cutting
Machine Type Sealing Machine
Material HDPE LDPE
Control mode Computerized
Production Speed 40-120pcs / min * 4
Length of bag-making 200-1200mm*4 printed color
Sealing and Cutting width 50-350mm*4 natural color
150-800mm*1 printed color
Installation dimension 6500*1450*2000mm 
Sealing and cutting Thickness 0.01-0.08mm
Machine Weight 1800kg
Specification CE, ISO9001
Power 3 phase 220V /380V 50Hz
Barometric pressure 3~6/kg/cm2
Total Power 15kw

Machine Configuration

Configuration Type Quantity
Transducer Panasonic 1.5KW 1
Computer XC-2005〈big〉 1
Driver Panasonic servo 1.0KW 1

Photocell(color code tracing)

Z2N-TB22-2 1
Photocell (color code tracing) MR-60N 2
Photocell (color code tracing) Hall switch5002D 3
Thermocouple K type-2000MM 4
Temperature controller YaTai XMTE-6431V-1 4
DC motor 400W 4
Triple-phase asynchronous motor 1.1KW-6〈Siemens〉 1
Stepping motor 130BG-350A 1
Servo motor Panasonic 1.0KW 1
Magnetism sensor switch CS1-A-020 6
Magnetism sensor switch CS1-M-020-S25 2
Buzzer   1
Vest bag blade die Customization 2
Static electricity eliminator 90GK 1:7.5-90W 1
Gear motor 3.5KW
Pressure Cylinder (MPT63-150-10-3T) 2
PLC motor FPOR-C60T 1
Tough screen TPC7062KS 1
Main pneumatic component: Air TAC, SMC, etc. all are excellent quality, gas circuit can be controlled in the first touch, low-voltage components: all are UC Certified products.
Main appliance are adopt with Panasonic, Schneider, FOTEK, etc.

Spare parts included in machine

Grease gun 1piece
Feeding roller tension spring 20pieces
Open spanner 22-24 1piece
Open spanner 27-32 2pieces
(diameter 20)Photocell 2pieces
Tool kit 1piece
Machine instruction book 1piece

Sample Bag