ZW-L600 Computer Rolls-off point (double) bag making machine

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Basic Information

Product name Rolls-Connecting&Dots-Severing Bag-Making Machine(two layer)
Product Category Plastic Bag Making Machine
Product number ZW-L600
Product description ZW-L600 Rolls-Connecting & Dots-Severing Bag-Making Machine(two layer) can be a variety of plastic film continuous automatic closure at the end point cut bags, duplex can be produced simultaneously. Has automatic photoelectric control feeding system, automatic temperature control, static elimination, automatic counting and alarm devices, etc., is the ideal equipment for the production of garbage bags and storage bags. The machine can be a machine, remove the point cutter, put flat cutter, with delivery table instead of winding device can produce flat bags, vest bags.
Performance and Characteristics

1、This bottom seal bag making machine is suitable for making plain and printed plastic bags.

2、Equipped  with light sensor for automatic control feeding system,auto counting and alarm system,automatic temperature control attachment etc.Easy operation,stable function and good sealing properties,suitable to make garbage bag

3、Multi - function,by changing the perforation knife flat knife and rewinding stand to flat platform,this machine can also make vest bags and other bottom seal bags.

Basic Information

Seals Mode Ultrasonic Hot Sealing
Sealing & Cutting Heat-Sealing Cold-Cutting
Machine Type Sealing Machine
Material HDPE LEDP
Computerized: Computerized
Production Speed 30-120PCS/Min
Length of bag-making 100-1200mm
Sealing and Cutting width 50-500mm
Double Speed 50-160个/min*2
Installation Dimension 3200*1100*1600mm
Machine Weight 1000KG


CE, ISO9001
Voltage 220V
Power: 3kw
Origin Wenzhou, China

Can Make The Kinds Of Bag

1-garbage bags with coreless (max width 300mm)

2- garbage bags with core( max width 500mm)

ZW-L600 Machine Configuration

Driver Panasonic servo 1.0KW 1
Photocell(color code tracing) Z2N-TB22-2 1
Photocell (color code tracing) MR-60N 2
Photocell (color code tracing) Hall switch5002D 3


K type-2000MM 4
Temperature controller YaTai XMTE-6431V-1 4
DC motor 400W 4
Triple-phase asynchronous motor 1.1KW-4 1
Stepping motor 130BG-350A 1
Servo motor Panasonic 1.0KW 1
Magnetism sensor switch CS1-A-020 6
Magnetism sensor switch CS1-M-020-S25 2
Static electricity eliminator 683Type 1

Sample Bag