ZW-R400 Soft Loop Handle bag Machine

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Basic Information

Product name Soft Loop Handle bag Machine
Product Category Plastic Bag Making Machine Series
Product number ZW-R400
Product description
Performance and Characteristics 1. ZW-R400 equipment improvement l production. It can reach a max speed of 35 pieces per minute. Ensuring 100% finished product rate under normal production process. Achieving efficient performance by screening the best parts and conditions both mainland and abroad. this machine use touch-sensitive screen man-machine interface.

Basic Technical Parameter

Seals Mode Ultrasonic Hot Sealing
Machine Type Sealing Machine
Material HDPE LDPE
Control mode Computerized
Production Speed 20-35pcs /min
Bag width 200-700mm
Sealing spacing 120mm
Installation dimension 1700*1700*1500mm
Film thickness 0.05-0.20mm
Specification CE, ISO9001
Voltage 220V/380V
Total Power 1.5KW

Machine Configuration

Configuration Type Quantity
PLC motor FPOR-C60T 1
PLC motor module E8YT 1
Touch Screen(small) TPC7062KS 1
Vacuum pump 90GB-350 1

Step motor

SY42STH47-1204A 1
Spin motor 5M-40Z-20 2
Driver HD-B3C 1
Driver DMD402A(1.1V) 2

Electrical heated tube

Φ9.8*160MM 2
Temperature controller YuDian2008(big) 1
Main pneumatic component: AirTAC, SMC, etc. all are excellent quality, gas circuit can be controlled in the first touch, low-voltage components: all are UC Certified products.
Main appliance are adopt with Panasonic, Schneider, FOTEK, etc.

Spare parts included in machine

Grease gun 1 piece
Feeding roller tension spring 20 pieces
Open spanner 22-24 1 piece
Open spanner 27-32 2 pieces
(diameter 20)Photocell 2 pieces
Tool kit 1 piece
Machine instruction book 1 piece

Sample Bag