ZW-RQ900 Computer Bag Making Machine

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Basic Information

Product name Computer Bag Making Machine
Product Category Plastic Bag Making Machine Series
Product number ZW-RQ900
Product description

Eagerly bag suitable for BOPP, OPP, PE and other printed and non-printed plastic film, can produce socks bags, bread bags, towels, bags, jewelry, bags and other packaging bags.

The machine adopts microcomputer control, optional servo motor, you can customize the length, photoelectric tracking, automatic shutdown alarm. Double-sided tape on automatic synchronization, automatic punching.

Automatic counting, counting alarm can be set.

Sealing lace, automatic thermostat, sealing firm and smooth.

Performance and Characteristics

Basic Information

The maximum width of the substrate 900mm
Maximum bag width 880mm
Speed bag 30 to 200 / min.