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Basic Information

Product name Non -Woven Fabrics 3-Sides Box Bag Making Machine
Product Category Non-Woven Bag Making Machine
Product number ZW-FB600
Product description This machine adopts computer control system, servo motor feed, electro-optical tracking, automatic punching, automatic angle of attack, fillet, automatic correction. No material alarm function, the host frequency control, ultrasonic welding apparatus. There are six ultrasound machine, it can produce 80-120 bags per minute, sealing line firm.
Performance and Characteristics


Basic Information

Max.bag length 580mm
Max.bag width 850mm
Production speed 30-100 Pcs/min
Material thickness 30-100g
Voltage 380V/220V
Total power 15KW
Overall dimension 9000*2000*2100mm

Sample Bag

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