APre-sales service:

Professional sales staff for you to explain the functions and use of products, and according to the different circumstances of customers to provide you with technical services such as plant, layout, personnel training, entrepreneurial budget and advice.

BService for sale:

Professionals and training centers to provide you with comprehensive technical advice and training, fully understand the performance characteristics of products, on-site training exercises, so that you not only purchased equipment, but also mastered the technology.

CAfter-sales service:

Special equipped with a group of skilled, experienced technical master for the whole process of tracking services, to answer customer questions and needs, but also regularly visit customers, help customers to train technical personnel.
1. Provide users with assembly drawings, operation instructions and other technical data. Also provide users with fragile spare parts, spare parts.
2. To provide users with free installation, commissioning, technical training services.
3. The free warranty period of the equipment is one year (except for the damaged parts of the equipment and the damage caused by the user's improper operation). After the expiration of the warranty, all spare parts will be supplied at the cost price.
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Professionell, zeitgemäß, Qualität

Quality after-sales service

After the machine is shipped to the buyer, the buyer is ready to test the material, our master then arrives at the buyer's factory for test machine commissioning and training, until the buyer has fully mastered the operation of the machine, if there is any problem with the machine, we will immediately give a solution. Our aim is to service first, quality first, hope to cooperate with the vast number of customers and common development! My company equipment free warranty for one year, life-long technical support!
If my company equipment failure, in principle, if it is a small problem, the telephone can be resolved as far as possible on the phone communication, such as large-scale failure themselves can not be resolved, we will send a master door-to-door repair regardless of distance.
(If a technical problem makes it impossible to operate, the cost of our on-the-go service is borne by the customer.) Free repair and replacement of accessories if there is a problem with machine quality).