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Corporate Philosophy

Corporate culture:

一、The guiding ideology

Based on the advanced theory of enterprise culture construction, to cultivate employees' social morality, professional ethics, family virtues, improve enterprise visibility, civilization, reputation, enhance enterprise cohesion, competitiveness, productivity as the purpose, adhere to the people-oriented, full implementation of our company's characteristics of corporate culture construction, carry forward the spirit of enterprise, practice enterprise values, realize the organic unity of enterprise development strategy and employee vision, business philosophy and employee concept harmony, the internal world of employees and the external environment to improve the harmonious development of the company.

二、The annual work objectives

Further excavate and carry forward the connotation of enterprise spirit, establish a positive image of the company, enhance the sense of belonging of employees, and promote the company's corporate culture construction sustained and healthy development.

三、The construction of corporate culture should follow and adhere to the principle

1. systemic principles.  

2.the principle of effectiveness.  

3. people-oriented principle.  

4. adhere to the principle of advancing with the times.

Corporate philosophy:

Zhengwei mechanical business philosophy can be summed up in eight words: "integrity-based, win-win development." Whether internal management or external business activities, Zhengwei has always carried out this proposition well, so as to obtain long-term and good business reputation and cooperative relations, and promote the industry position and market share steadily increased.

 一、Integrity-based, win-win development

Enterprise business activities are a special game that can achieve win-win situation. "Honesty-oriented, win-win development" for zhengwei machinery management pointed out the direction, is the company's development process to adhere to the goal. Small win depends on hard work, big win rely on integrity; In cooperation adhere to integrity, fair competition, promote win-win situation, in the community to convey positive energy, practice the role of corporate citizens, this grand spiritual realm and behavior pursuit, will be zhengwei machinery into a steady stream of development vitality, build up for the world's attention of evergreen foundation industry.