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ZW-A8 RPET Box Bag Making Machine

A8 high-speed non-woven three-dimensional bag making machine. This equipment adopts new manufacturing technology and design concept and was successfully developed in 2010. After years of continuous technical improvement and perfection, it has gradually realized non-woven rolls from ironing, slicing, and making. Bag to whole bag integration. The whole machine adopts computer program programming control, which replaces the tedious manual processing flow, and improves the production efficiency and product quality. The non-woven bags and non-woven bags produced by this equipment are widely used in the production of high-end non-woven gift box bags, shoe box bags, food packaging bags, etc.

Equipment performance:

1. Twelve sets of servo motors (mold servo 17KW 22KW) of the whole machine ensure the high-speed and stable operation of the equipment.
2. The material saving device is adopted (no waste at the edge), saving 6MM materials for each bag.
3. The equipment structure is U-shaped and covers an area of only 5.3 m * 7.5 m, saving site costs.
4. The automatic deviation correction function of bag opening and strip center distance is adopted to ensure that each bag opening is flat and strip is centered, greatly improving the qualified rate of finished products.
5. High degree of automation, automatic positioning of the die changer, greatly improving efficiency.
6. Convenient operation, one person can complete bag making and packaging.

7. The bag making function is diversified, and the bag flushing function is configured in addition to the handbag; In addition, additional functions such as threading bag, buckle bag, zipper bag, labeling bag and multi material splicing bag can be selected in the later stage.

Bag Width: 110-550mm

Bag Gusset: 70-200mm

Bag Height: 150-450mm

⑴ For non-woven fabric roll, the maximum roll diameter is 1.20m.
⑵: Automatic feeding and deviation correction device. The motor is loaded stably; Photoelectric tracking correction; No material shutdown; Automatic tension.
⑶: Independent uniform tension device. Ensure that the tension of the whole machine is even from the maximum to the minimum.
(4) Folding and ironing device. Handwheel screw rod adjustment, ultrasonic welding.
(5) Rear complete machine deviation correction device. Control the center of the rear machine cloth and the front machine to ensure that the bag mouth is neat.
(6) Handle coil, the maximum coil diameter is 1.2m.
(7) Double automatic ironing device. Handle length 380mm-600mm; Handle width 25mm - 30mm; No material stop, no hot handle stop.
(8) Back feeding device. Cooperate with the front feeding device to control the fabric tension when tracking the indentation.
(9) Tracking indentation device. Color code tracking; Side indentation.
(10) Front feeding and storage device. Double tracking feeding; Pre stored sheets improve the overall speed; Cold cutter.
(11) Operation panel. Large touch screen operation; It can swing 90 degrees, with clear interface and convenient operation.
(12) Double servo pulling device. Double servo control fabric and mold parallel control bag opening tidiness. High speed servo improves the overall speed.
(13) Mold device. High speed mute of servo synchronous wheel running device; The mold positioning device is convenient for mold replacement.
(14) Side inserting; Bottom insertion; Ultrasonic welding device. Full motor structure, accurate and high-speed. The motor can automatically adjust the distance, which is convenient for operation.
(15) Bagging device. Four groups of bags can be removed and operated independently. Easy to operate.
(16) Automatic bag folding device. At the same time, the finished three-dimensional bags shall be folded and flattened for centralized stacking.
(18) There is no waste on the lap (patent applied)
Application scenario:
The non-woven bag making machine is suitable for non-woven fabrics, which can process various non-woven bags of different specifications and shapes, vest bags, handbags, shopping bags, etc.In recent years,people use various non-woven bags for fruit bagging,shoes packaging,clothes packaging ,etc. So our machines play important role in the industry.


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